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Flavia and Paolo

The B&B springs from a desire to be independent, to take a risk for something we believe in, and above all, to promote Siena in all its glory. The beauty of Siena is there for all to see, but its hidden magic only reveals itself to those who let themselves be enchanted. As we always tell our guests, do not have a destination in mind: walk around, get lost in this small town’s many alleyways and take in its extraordinary views. A true blue from Siena’s Leocorno contrada, Flavia was born in 1987, has a degree in Social Communication and is the mother of Mia Molly. She is passionate about travel, books and good music. An eternal dreamer, she will welcome you with a smile and tell you everything about Siena as seen by an insider. After a stint working abroad, she returned home where she fell in love and decided to settle down and start a family.

Hence the need for a job that would allow her to look after her young daughter while coming into contact with people and other cultures, and offering her the chance to promote her native city. Born in Santo Stefano in 1978, Paolo has been a sea captain for more than twenty years and is the father of Mia Polly. Having moved to Siena for love, he soon settled down in this city, which he always finds very hard to leave. Despite his attachment to the sea, he dedicated himself heart and soul to the construction of this B&B. Drawing on his passion for interior design, he conceived and oversaw the renovation of the B&B’s exterior with remarkable success. From May to October he is out at sea, but in winter this is his “happy place”.

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